Living the Life of Buenos Aires

How can one sum up a city of such rich contrasts as Buenos Aires, and especially letting two and a half gringos dive in instantly? It was definitely a hard task but I tried to show Dani and Nick the things behind the touristy facade and let them get a glimpse into my life of the past year. So the quest for now wasn’t powder but a real and authentic porteño experience. Mostly without a plan we explored the city by foot, bus or most preferred on our bikes and felt the pulse of Buenos Aires at friends’ places, in the streets of different barrios, some fancy and some more “genuine”, and spent the rest of the time chilling at my apartment… converted quickly into BaAs’s most well stocked mountaineering outfitter’s warehouse. Christmas in July!

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2 Responses to Living the Life of Buenos Aires

  1. Hi Manu !! Like the trip you are doing !! Take care and enjoy Powder for me !!

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