Las Leñas: Fresh lines and bananas for desert

The drive up to Las Leñas was more technical as expected and took us quite some time to get up the icy pass and down the windy slalom slopes but our car – as always – didn’t let us down and we just arrived in time for Marte to open up.
After the freezing lift ride and signing the waiver for off piste skiing we could finally let her rip in the excellent dry powder and the morning sun. It was so good to feel the snow after almost eleven month of abstinence and mark our lines into “El Paraíso” / “Los tres Cóndores”. Even more amazing was the fact that the first line on our first day of the whole trip was a first line!!!
 After a massive bonk (hungerast for the swiss) and spaghetti bolognese down at the base the steeper stuff of the mountain got shredded and while taking lots of glances to the neighbouring Cerro Martin and especially the Cerro Entre Rios with its distinctive pillars and couloirs.

The temptation for skiing Cerro Martin was big enough to convince us to skin up despite a temporary closure of Marte chairlift. After 1450m human powered vertical gain we finally stood on Cerro Martín, approx. 3650m. The views and satisfaction were mind-blowing and as usual no one else, who could steal our line: „La Banana“. A steep, narrow couloir that can easily compete with some lines in the Dolomites. The skiing was quite stoke-loaded with a strong afterburner down the deserted groomers.

After a down day due to a fierce storm, we returned to LL with a new mission: Cerro Entre Rios, 3800m. Thanks to the storm all tracks have been deleted and Cerro Martin looked virgin again. Our turn to draw first lines! And the best, Manu took some pictures from the opposite slope… The hike to Cerro Entre Rios was like a walk on the moon. Lots of gravel, little snow. Unfortunately the wind didn’t do us a favor like on Martín. All the powder has gun and turned into a crusty, breakable, hard to ski sh… No reason to stay in LL any longer.

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