Volcán Osorno at its very best

Here comes everything in full detail, while the weather gets worse again…

As we already told, we enjoyed the time experiencing water in a different physical condition but days without skiing are just not the same as they are with. And we definitely had many of these days without!
The arrival in Puerto Varas was like a relief. Finally plans became more concrete with the drive to the base of Volcán Osorno on Monday morning. No annoying guardaparques at the entrance to the National Park and a winding road, allowing us to gain meters almost as fast as on our skins, rose our hope to summit this iconic volcano. But all of a sudden the road became snow-covered and icy. Instead of driving uphill our car became a sled and sleds as a matter of fact, prefer only one direction: downhill! After several attempts we gave up and hitch-hiked. The luck seemed to be with us again. A very friendly german-speaking plow-driver gave us a ride up to the abandoned ski resort.

The staff at the resort was just about to check the facilities after a 5 day storm. Everything was caked with tons of snow! Our skintrack was fast as usual but we were still doubting to reach the summit due to clouds obscuring the upper part. Our concerns vanished the higher we got. Perfect blue sky, soft, powdery snow and most unbelievable, no wind! This combination made the ascent very enjoyable with breathtaking vista and the anticipation of skiing all the way down the huge slopes. As usual we tried to skin up as high as possible but getting to the top with skis was impossible and of no use. Huge, icy “coliflores” (cauliflowers) allowed us to reach the very top only by foot. It’s impossible to describe the feelings that took over when we arrived on the culmination. Just to give it a try: overwhelming! Of course there was a strong an very cold wind. Anything else would decrease the genuine volcano summit experience…

Switching the bindings from up- to downhill mode is always a pleasure. Our expectations were not disappointed as the pictures can tell in a convincing way. Manu could hardly stop but volcanic rock was tougher than his will…

Eating an ice cream at the lake shore back in Puerto Varas while looking at this perfect volcano in the distance felt kind of unreal.

Another day, less luck. Our attempt to Volcán Calbuco was ceased even before we put on our  skis. The owner of the property we had to cross to get to the base of the volcano, denied access… This is an annoying aspect of skitouring in Chile you have to deal with sometimes.

Our dreams shifted currently more to the South of Chile but it just turned out that the ferry from Puerto Montt to Chaitén is booked out until next sunday. Another volcano to kill time? You’ll find out soon…

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2 Responses to Volcán Osorno at its very best

  1. Cem Terzi says:

    Hi Daniel
    I am at Pucon and going Chillian tomarrow. Where are you ? Ar you at Osorno? let go skiing ……..
    CEM (gem)

    • Manu says:

      Cem!!! Sorry for not getting in touch with you before but we lost your contact info….
      We’re now in Coyhaique and will continue a bit more down south to do some multi-day missions. So loocks like no chance for skiing with you! Keep on the good skiing and have fun!!! M&D

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