El Chaltén – Cerro Vespignani

The internet finally picked up some speed and at least one of us is more in the mood of adding some text to the blog… What can we say about Cerro Vespignani? Perhaps that it was the initial peak that made us coming down here? Or maybe the rumour that you could see the Hielo Continental (Southern Patagonian Icefield) from the summit? It must have been a combination of many things…
The start to this tour wasn’t that promising and we were doubting to get further up than the Laguna. Crapy, wet snow, the presence of many wet-slides and fog almost made us turning back but something kept us going. Well, we didn’t see the Hielo Continental so far but anything else turned out as mind-blowing. The rest is told in pictures… We love you Vespignani!

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