The Crew

Balancing real-life and playing in the mountains, and making it look easy, are his specialties. Dani is from near St. Gallen, Switzerland, and gets after it more than anyone we know: skiing, climbing, biking, and every combination thereof. He is our stoke-master and mountain guru, breaking the skin track like a goat and leading us down the gnarliest lines.

Cultural guide, ski bum, translator, negotiator, and all around “macho”, Manu hails from Luzern, Switzerland, and has spent the last 1.5 years living/studying economics in Buenos Aires and traveling around. His flat in Montserrat was the launchpad for our adventures, and his travels both in South America and beyond are the subject of great fireside stories and the foundation of our logistical prowess.

Joining from L.A. (formerly Calgary) Nick has provided the necessary comedy of traveling far from home without any preparation! But traveling ridiculously long distances to find powder, humping an overweight load on the approach, and reaping the brief reward of wild turns off an alpine summit are experiences he has earned in the Sierra Nevada and applied in more than a few mountain ranges around the world. If nothing else, adding a bit of American spice to the otherwise smooth Swiss compadres (e.g. maneuvering the humble ford over rough roads in full-on winter conditions) is a welcome contribution.

If youd like to get in contact with us, feel free to shoot a message or make a comment on the blog!


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